Cheap Female/Women Drivers Car Insurance

Every driver on the road should have car insurance to be legal.

However, the expense for car insurance can be a burden on the average family. In many circumstances female drivers as well as students do not drive as often and that expense may seem daunting and unnecessary to some.

Finding the best cheap female drivers carinsurance maycheapest female car insurancenot be

as hard as you think and can end the headaches of making sure everyone in the family is covered.

Looking in the right places you can find policies that will not cause your premiums to skyrocket when adding additional drivers; including women.

On average women will pay more in monthly insurance premiums than men. This is because on average the insurance policies available for females are simply more expensive. Taking the time for search for cheap female car insurance can save you money every month.

Don’t assume that insurance that is cheap is inferior, there are reasons that auto insurance is inflated and sometimes it has little to do with the driver.

While insurance companies calculate risks and form policies and premiums based on risk other factors are involved as well.

These other factors include credit; usually married women have less credit and therefore a lower credit score. A low credit score can make an insurance policy significantly higher.

The type of car a woman is more likely to choose is also a factor; choose a car that is not on the list of most frequently stolen models can lower insurance premiums. Cheap woman car insurance is possible and available with just a little effort to find and secure it.

Consider the following when searching for the best and cheapest female car insurance: Look at the credit score, keep it updated and work on increasing the score. This may be as simple as opening a credit card in the female’s name or adding her name to other items.

Look for an insurance company that specializes in women car insurance as they often have the resources to offer the best premiums. Finally, choose a car that is not listed in the ‘top ten most stolen cars’ list. If the risk of the car being stolen is higher the premium will also be higher.

A car insurance company cannot outright and legally discriminate against a driver including female and student drivers; however if their risk is higher they can make the premiums higher. Lower the risk and you will lower your premium.

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Claire Davies March 29, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Nice article – I’m 25 and I just cannot get any cheap car insurance for my Subaru Imprezza. My premiums are currently £900 fully comp a year. Any further ideas how I can get my premiums down or find a cheap car insurer for young people?
Cheers…. Claire, Rotherham

Gary Cook April 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm

I’m umming and arrrring about whether to get my missus a Renault Clio 172 Sport. I can get the car for about 5 grand but as we’re both under 25 the insurance is a grand fully comp. Any ideas where I can get some cheap hot hatch car insurance?? Cheers Gary, Swansea